How to Add 2 Months To Your Lifespan

How to Add 2 Months To Your Lifespan

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Selling your property to Colorado House Buyers can save you months of stress, leading to a longer, happier life!

1. Selling your house to CHB will save you the time it takes to find the top real estate agent. With 20,000 real estate agents serving Metro Denver you have to interview a lot of agents to find the right one. Even if you know an agent, which you probably do, you need to interview them to make sure they are ready for the task at hand. That process can take 10+ hours if you do it properly. A 10-15 minute conversation with CHB will determine if we are the right fit for you and your house. If we are not we can recommend an agent, another investor, or a potential retail buyer that is a better fit. What could you do with those extra 9+ hours? Spend time with family, plant your garden, spend the day in the mountains, catch up on that novel that is sitting on your desk, play with your grandkids…
Colorado House Buyers has a 3 step process to buying your house:
A) 10-15 minute conversation to get to know each other and identify if we are the right fit
B)1 hr consult at the property to review and inspect the property, and review our offer and sign it
C) Meet at the closing to sign the closing documents and receive your money.

2. Selling your house to CHB will save you time it takes to get the house market ready. Once you sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent, a good one will make recommendations on things you can do to help increase the value of your home. Make it more attractive to buyers, de-clutter, make repairs, stage the home with modern furniture. The time it takes to put the house on the market, pre market the home, and then list it at a minimum is 2 weeks. If you call CHB first, you can be on vacation sipping on umbrella drinks in 2 weeks time with proceeds of your home sale collecting interest in the account of your choice.

3. Selling your house to CHB will save you time on hiring contractors, and handy men, negotiating price of repairs, and babysitting them while they do their repairs. Contractors in Colorado are WANTED! Having a quality one finish a job in a reasonable time frame is almost impossible. Do you have the time to babysit a handy man fixing kitchen sink leaks, or is that time more precious and better spent with your family?

4. When you Sell your house to CHB you don’t have to wait for a parade of agents to show your house to prospective buyers, you don’t spend time waiting for agents to write an offer, and you don’t spend time waiting for your agent to email you the offer. CHB will present you an offer right after they view the house, allowing you to get back to your life that same day.

5. When you sell your house directly to CHB you don’t have to waste your time playing the telephone game with your agent, who is negotiating with the buyers agent, who in turn has to speak with the buyers, etc. Your time is important and when you deal directly with CHB, the professional home buyer, you can ensure your needs and wants are heard the first time.

6. When you sell your house to CHB you will not have to worry about the contract falling apart and the buyer walking away. This will save you weeks and sometimes even months of stress and time lost. Most fixer upper houses on the MLS receive multiple offers, however most of those offers are from wholesale investors looking to flip the contract and make a profit. Real estate agents are not familiar with these investors and often cannot protect the seller from them. Wholesaler relies on the second buyer to come into the transaction, buy your house at a higher price, making the wholesaler several thousands of dollars for tying up your property and reselling it often the same day. Wholesale investor will walk away from a transaction if they can’t find another buyer to take their place. Real estate agents will promise to bring you multiple offers, but if the buyers of those offers don’t have intention or ability of closing those offers are worthless. Don’t waste your time on empty promises when a real buyer can buy your house today.

By selling directly to us, you do not have to spend hours, days, weeks to prepare to put your house on the market. You will be free to use that time to spend it enjoying beautiful Colorado.
By selling directly to us, you do not need to spend time interviewing real estate agents after a long day at work, giving you the freedom to enjoy your evenings with your family.
We will buy your property with any unwanted items in it, no need to spend your time organizing estate sales, garage sales, or donations. I have seen this take months, or even years because people are too busy to deal with this.
Once you agree to sell us your property and put it under contract, we can close in as little as 3 days, saving you a month or two of stress wondering if your house is actually going to sell. Take a vacation with the extra money earned and time saved.

We know your time is valuable, and promise not to waste it. In a quick 10 minute phone call, we can determine if your property is a fit for us.


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