Are You Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

Are You Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

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curb appealWhen a potential buyer drives past your home, they will either feel instantly drawn to it or they will mark it off their list of properties to explore further. A little curb appeal can play a large role in getting your home sold for the maximum dollar amount.

  1. Not Cleaning Clutter – If your front yard looks like a yard sale is going 24/7, people will be quick to assume it must look worse behind closed doors. At least hide the clutter, and always grab the trash cans promptly after they are emptied by the waste removal company.
  1. Weird Landscaping – Since the dog likes to dig up plants and relieve himself in the kids’ sandbox, you decided to move the garden and the sand to the front yard. Bad move. It is highly unlikely anyone will want these elements in their front yard. If you have odd components in your landscaping deal with them before listing the home.
  1. Weeds Galore – Just because it is the end of summer and everything will die soon is no reason to let weeds take over your flower beds and driveway cracks.
  1. Flashy Paint – You may have thought painting your home all the colors of the rainbow or turning it into a giant American flag was a great idea, but now you’re not so sure. Do yourself a favor and buy some quality paint to go back to a neutral shade.
  1. Cookie Cutter Design – Are the potential buyers going to see your identical front yard at 10 houses while they drive down the road to reach your home? There has to be something different to give it a personal touch so it stands out for the right reasons.
  1. Poorly Thought Design – Did you plant without having a plan? Now, you have one area blooming while everything else is dead or you are stuck with irregular color blocks or tall plants in front of short ones. If you don’t want to fuss with a lot of planting, add planters of flowers where needed to improve the look.
  1. Dirty Birdbath – Water can really energize an outdoor space and birdbaths are great for welcoming living art to your property. However, buyers should not pass a dirty birdbath on their way to the door. Make sure the feeders aren’t empty either.
  1. Too Exotic – You may love playing in the dirt, but a person seeing this property for the first time will be a little nervous over layers of exotic flowers and high maintenance plants. Stick with native species that are less maintenance.

Curb appeal needs to be a priority when selling your house. It should appear neat, inviting, and low maintenance. You may even want to recruit a few friends to provide their first thoughts when they pull up in front of your property.

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