Can Going Green Save You Some Green?

Can Going Green Save You Some Green?

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Years ago, when the whole ” going green” movement started, many looked at it as targeting the upper class. After all, cleaning products were outrageous and few could afford to buy a smart car. Times have certainly changed. There is a growing concern for the environment and the health of the planet, but consumers are now realizing that going green can actually save a lot of money.

Reduced Utilities

Although you can pay a professional to do a home energy audit, you can actually conduct your own, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This inspects insulation, appliances, lightbulbs, and areas where air can escape. This can amount in savings up to 30 percent. If you turn down your thermostat in the winter and replace old appliances with energy efficient ones the savings can be even more substantial.

Skip the Bottled Water

Even if you recycle your bottles, you are still having a negative impact on the planet. The price of bottled water really adds up, too. Buy a filtered water pitcher and fill your own steel or BPA-free plastic containers.

Eco-conscious Landscaping

Choose native plants that are low maintenance and drought-resistant, so you are not wasting water every day. Also, if you strategically plant trees in the right spot on your property, you can provide shade in the summer and block harsh winter winds, which will also reduce your utility bills.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Chemical-laden cleaning products are bad for you and the environment. However, environmentally friendly cleaning products can be a bit expensive. Just make your own! White distilled vinegar and water cleans just about everything. Add lemon, orange, or lime peels for a citrus scent. There are plenty of ideas online for making everything from oven cleaner to laundry detergent.

Plant a Garden

If you do not have space for actual gardens just use containers. Growing some of your veggies, especially greens and herbs, means fewer trips to the grocery store.

Recycle Electronics

Nearly 3 million tons of electronics accumulate in landfills every year. These items are toxic to the environment. There are plenty of places that recycle them. If you can’t find anywhere near you, try BuyBackWorld or Gazelle online.

Never underestimate the positive impact one small act has on the environment. Make a point to become more eco-conscious daily, and you may be surprised at how much money you save in your budget as a result of going green.

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