Denver Home Sellers: Fix THESE Before Negotiating

Denver Home Sellers: Fix THESE Before Negotiating

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You are anxious to get your Denver home sold, so you want to get it listed immediately. You figure you will tackle minor repairs later. You may even assume some repairs are so minor that you don’t need to take care of them. A bid comes in quickly, and you drop your price substantially during the negotiation process. Then, the inspection comes back with a list of repairs you really haven’t budgeted for. Take care of these repairs upfront. This way, you’re not asked to cover extra expenses after you have already negotiated a generous deal.

1. Shingles – Before even listing your home it is a good idea to get a roofer up there to look for damaged or missing shingles to repair or replace.

2. Downspouts and Gutters – The gutter system’s job is to make sure water flows away from your home to reduce the risk of water damage. Clean the gutters thoroughly and look for areas that need to be replaced.

3. HVAC Unit – You do not want the surprise of being asked to replace the HVAC unit in the home. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems often play a huge role in a buyer’s purchasing decision. Have it cleaned and serviced, and make necessary repairs before listing the house.

4. Lightbulbs – The most basic thing can save you from seeing a recommendation to hire an electrician because the lights are not working. You may assume an inspector would just check the light bulbs, but they don’t.

5. Foggy Windows – If a buyer views your house on a mild, calm day, they wouldn’t even notice that the seals on windows are broken. They won’t be too thrilled the first time the windows fog up or they feel a frigid draft coming through. Fortunately for them this is usually caught during an inspection.

6. Rotted Exterior Trim – Exterior trim rotted by water is prevalent in homes more than a decade old. Replace these pieces. Besides, a fresh coat of paint on the trim will improve curb appeal.

7. Leaking Jet Tubs – If you are like most, your tub gets used only on the rare occasion you have time to relax, which is close to never. So, it is no surprise that you might not know if there are any leaks.

8. Faucets and Showerheads – If any faucets or showerheads are leaking, they need to be fixed or replaced.

9. Railings – Missing, loose, or broken railings and handrails pose safety concerns and must be addressed.

10. Steps – You have been skipping that second step up from the basement floor as far back as you can remember, but like railings, broken or missing steps are a safety concern.

If you want the negotiation process to go smoothly and the outcome to be positive then fix these repairs before starting negotiations. Ideally, you will tackle them prior to listing your Denver home, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them in if you get a quick bid.

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