Denver Neighborhood Details to Consider When Searching for a Home

Denver Neighborhood Details to Consider When Searching for a Home

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Denver NeighborhoodIf you are in the market to rent or buy a new Denver home, there are many factors you will likely take into consideration as you search potential properties. Location is an obvious one, because in order for you to find anything, you’ll have to know where to look. Factors like school districts, crime rates, and length of your commute and public transportation options available can also be important factors. However, you could be overlooking some other key Denver neighborhood factors in your home search. To help, here are some Denver neighborhood details you may want to consider adding to your checklist.

Where Can You Go to Have Fun?

You’ve probably considered every factor related to your job throughout your Denver home search, including factors like the distance and time of your commute as well as any potential traffic implications that could have a significant affect; even factors like having a home office can play an important role in your search. All of which makes sense, since the majority of people spend more time working and traveling to and from work than anything else. But don’t forget your downtime. What you do for fun and recreation can be just as important as a job is to your quality of life, and maybe even more. A home’s proximity to a gym, hiking trails, roads safe for running, and parks can have a significant impact on how much exercise and physical activity you’ll be able to do in your off time, in addition to things like the opportunities your kids will have to participate in after school and weekend activities and how much driving will be involved. The size of a Denver home’s yard, whether or not it’s located on or near dangerous roads and its neighbor’s attitude towards pets are worth considering if you own a dog. Make a list of places you like to go to have fun and relax, and if meeting friends for drinks at the bar is on it, for example, but the closest watering is a half hour away and only accessible by car – you may want to scope out a different location.

HOAs, Property Managers and Community Guidelines

Homes located in communities requiring membership to a homeowners’ association, or maintained by a property manager can make a huge difference when it comes to your monthly and annual expenses, maintenance requirements, community amenities and what changes you can make to your homes exterior and even interior. Make sure you get all the information surrounding covenants, guidelines, restrictions and obligations you may be liable for as a homeowner, and definitely check out all available feedback and reviews on previous homeowners’ experiences involving any of these items.

Taxes and Insurance

Taxes can have substantial variations between municipalities, especially if you cross a political border like a city limit or county line. Some cities may also charge local taxes on top of those levied by the state and federal government. Be sure to check out the taxes associated with any of your potential Denver properties. Another big factor worth considering is that your car insurance payments may also change depending on where you would park your car at a potential home. Your payments can increase dramatically, so be sure to check with your insurance so you don’t have any expensive surprises.

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