New Home? Beware of THESE Moving Fees

New Home? Beware of THESE Moving Fees

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moving feesHandling an entire move without movers typically ends up being a very long and strenuous process. Even with friends helping it can take several trips back-and-forth. Plus, there is always a chance of injury. It can make sense to hire movers and leave the hard work to them. However, you do need to be prepared for hidden moving fees that could end up on your bill, if you’re not careful.

  1. Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture – If your movers have to take apart your bed then put back together your entertainment center for you, you are going to get charged for it.
  1. Packing – This is one moving fee you likely know you are getting charged for because you should have received a packing quote. However some moves will “offer” to wrap your TV or use their blankets for your tables. Well, they’re not doing that out of the kindness of their heart! You can count on getting charged for every supply that is used.
  1. Long Carry – True to its name, the “long carry” fee is added when the movers are required to carry your belongings farther than 50 or 75 feet. Always reserve a nearby parking spot, if possible.
  1. Flight Charge – You will usually have one flight of stairs included in a quote. If your movers end up having to carry everything up three flights because you forget to reserve the service elevator, you will have to pay extra.
  1. Pit Stop – You need the movers to stop at your aunt’s house to pick up an old sofa she is giving you. No problem, but there will be a fee for the additional stop.
  1. Bulky Items – It is always best to have an in-home quote done, so the movers can see what they are dealing with. If you forgot to disclose that there is a home gym or California king sleigh bed, you will see an increase in your bill.
  1. Elevator – Some movers will charge extra for an elevator because it is a lot more work to load and unload. Avoid this by telling them upfront, so it’s not a surprise.
  1. Disposal Fee – Also called an “environmental charge,” if you need the movers to take your empty boxes, tape, garbage, etc., from the move there will be a charge. Some movers will happily take your boxes free of charge, if they have a recycling program.
  1. Express Delivery – Moving in a time crunch? If you need your belongings delivered fast, especially with a long distance move, there will be an express fee.
  1. You’re Late – The movers are patiently sitting in your driveway waiting for you to arrive because you were tied up in a meeting. It’s going to cost you.
  1. Storage – Sometimes, moves don’t go from point A to point B. There needs to be a brief hold along the way. You will be charged for warehouse handling. This is another fee you should know about ahead of time.

Hiring movers can already put quite a dent in your budget. Like everything else involved in the home buying process, doing your homework beforehand can save you time and money. If you can avoid some of these moving fees it will help keep your expenses as low as possible.

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