Purchasing the Right Denver Home for Your Long-term Future

Purchasing the Right Denver Home for Your Long-term Future

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right denver homePeople who buy a Denver home in their 20s often look for one that has extra space for children. It would be in a fantastic school district and have the potential for great resale value. When you buy a little later in life, your needs have generally changed. This home you are buying will likely take you through your retirement into your “Golden Years.” You need to make sure that this one will be the right Denver home for what it coming.

Evaluate How Many Rooms You Really Need

Sure, it is nice to have extra available just in case the kids and grandkids want to visit, but how practical is that? You will be constantly cleaning extra space that you might use once a year.


Your love for the house will start to decrease if you find that it is not really all that accessible. Ideally, the right home will have wide walkways and an abundance of lighting, and there won’t be any unnecessary steps outside your door. A single story layout will help avoid unnecessary steps inside. Make sure the counters are a comfortable height and try to find a shower with a seat and/or handle. If you are moving into a furnished home, be sure there is a clear walking path throughout. If not, see if you can have unnecessary pieces of furniture removed.

Modification Potential

If you can’t find the right home that you have in mind, don’t get too discouraged. Look for a home that offers plenty of potential for modifications. Handrails can be added to showers and by all doors with steps. Keep lightbulbs changed so the home is well lit, and look for tables and counters with rounded corners.


If you look at some of the most sought after retirement communities in the country, you will notice that most are located where residents can easily walk to the grocery store, library and café. If they are positioned a little far from these amenities then public transportation is easily accessible.

Get Social

Social activities are one of the biggest perks to living in a tight knit community with other seniors. Many offer a wide variety of activities, including yoga, cooking and hiking.

It is never too early to start thinking about your long-term future. If you are already a senior then you are likely looking for a place now. Don’t rush into anything just because you feel like you are in a time crunch. Explore all your options and weigh the pros and cons of each. If retirement is well into the future, you can still start getting an idea of what the “right Denver home” looks like and what is available. You could suddenly find a place that is perfect for now, but also offers the potential to be modified in the future.

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