Remodeling? Know Your Amenities.

Remodeling? Know Your Amenities.

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Whether you bought a fixer-upper in hopes of seeing a nice profit or your home has been listed for sale, but you are not getting offers, you are probably wondering what buyers are attracted to. Well, you may be surprised to learn that although there are certain improvements that improve value and make your home more desirable, but there are also some high-end amenities that many buyers try to avoid.

Extensive Landscaping – Curb appeal is a definite bonus. Buyers should get a “welcome home” feel when they pull in your driveway. On the other hand, walking into a backyard with ponds, fountains, intricately manicured shrubs, and high-maintenance exotic flowers could be a huge turn off.

Central Vacuum System – You think a central vacuum system is wonderful, but someone else may look at this as one more thing that could need repairing and replacing in the future.

Elaborate Master Suite -Generally, buyers do love a resort-inspired master suite with a boutique-style walk-in closet. Be careful of amenities that could isolate buyers though, such as a recessed gas fireplace, corner Jacuzzi, or a mini bar.

Advanced Audio Video System – Since technology is constantly evolving the home theater or audio system that plays throughout the house could be outdated by the time you are ready to sell.

In-ground Pools – In some states, such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas, swimming pools are very common and appreciated. In seasonal climates like Denver, however, buyers generally do not share the same enthusiasm for them. Pools take a lot of work and money to maintain. Homes with in-ground varieties are a lot harder to sell because these pools are very costly to extract. No one wants a backyard with a pool that they are not going to use.

Luxurious Bathrooms – Going overboard with imported materials the average buyer probably won’t appreciate is not necessarily a good idea. However, creating a spa-like atmosphere with a garden tub, frameless glass shower, and heated floors could give you a competitive edge in your local market.

Highly Customized Rooms – Basement bars are generally viewed as favorable. Building a wine cellar, recording studio, or indoor racquetball court will probably make your home harder to sell

If you are considering making some home improvements make sure you think through your decisions. Some high-end amenities could make your home harder to sell in the future. So, add them for yourself, if you want, but be prepared for the long-term impact they may have on the value of your home.

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