Santa’s Favorite Cities

Santa’s Favorite Cities

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According to a study done by Zillow Porchlight, Colorado Springs, as well as Denver, were in Santa’s top 10 favorite Cities.  While Santa was too busy prepping for the upcoming holiday for personal questioning on his favorite cities in the U.S. the team that conducted the study that determined what are most likely some of Santa’s favorite Cities.  Take a look below at the specific criteria that they used to determine St. Nick’s favorite cities.  Representing Colorado, Colorado Springs brought home the #1 spot as well as Denver coming in at #10, not bad!


Zillow’s analysis used six data variables to determine which cities with a population over 350,000 would provide Santa with the safest working conditions, most optimal sleigh-flying weather, and the ability to deliver the most presents in the least amount of time.

Specific criteria included:

  • Percentage of homes with a fireplace (fireplaces were used as a proxy for the existence of a chimney).
  • Percentage of single-story homes (hypothesizing that Santa would prefer single-story homes so there’s less likelihood of a workplace injury).
  • Weather (snow and clear days are desirable, and rainy days are undesirable).
  • Percent of homes with children (Santa enjoys spreading cheer to all the good girls and boys).
  • Walk Score (neighborhoods with a higher Walk Score indicate they have a dense population concentration, thus more efficient work for Santa).
  • Lot size (presuming that a bigger lot often means a bigger roof and more room for Santa to land all those reindeer).

City Level Analysis of Santa’s Top 5 Favorite Cities

  1. Colorado Springs, CO:  Colorado scored high in every category deemed important to Santa. In addition to having many single-story homes with fireplaces and large lots, the city is crawling with kiddos. Santa will also like the weather — snowy, with lots of clear days.
  2. Wichita, KS: Wichita ranked high for single-story houses, snow, and a decent number of clear days.
  3. Los Angeles, CA: While densely populated LA certainly does not receive a lot of snow; the city traditionally has rain-free weather for much of December. It also ranks just behind snowy Wichita in the fireplace ranking, and has a high percentage of single-story homes.
  4. Dallas, TX: With the exception of snow, Dallas ranked high across all categories.
  5. Oklahoma City, OK: Santa-friendly weather and an above average percentage of households with children helped Oklahoma round out Santa’s top 5 list

*Data from Zillow’s database of 100 million individual homes, the National Climatic Data Center,, and Walk Score was used in this analysis.

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