The Latest in Home Design Trends

The Latest in Home Design Trends

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Are you itching to remodel your Denver home, but you just cannot squeeze it into your schedule or budget? Here is an alternative solution: try faking it. Quite often, if you just add something newly trending to your home design it will trick the eye into believing the entire room has been redone. The items on this list are sure to become the topic of conversation with all your guests you have into your Denver home.

1. Mid-Century Modern – The latest look is all about mixing historic and modern styles. Basically, you are adding hints of the mid-century to a modern design. Picture a marble top dining table with classic pendant light and retro wallpaper.

2. Wallpaper – Speaking of wallpaper… it is back and better than ever. From solid colors to classic prints and everything in between, if you can imagine a look there is a good chance there is wallpaper to match it. Peel and stick wallpaper has also become popular, especially with rentals because there is no commitment. You can even buy peel and stick wall covering that looks like real wood pieces.

3. Brass – For some reason brass was nearly nonexistent in the design world for a long time. Suddenly, it is back and quickly taking over in interior design. From a funky brass pendant to brass candle holders to brass handles on your kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of ways to easily incorporate this material into your space without changing the overall theme or color palette. If you are cringing because you never liked brass when it trended in the 1980s, rest-assured that modern pieces are more tarnished, warmer, and natural-looking.

4. Quartz Counters – Granite is still a loved material for counters, but its popularity is being surpassed by quartz. Considering quartz is resistant to stains and scratches and virtually maintenance-free it makes sense why this material has become so popular.

5. Polished Concrete –The subtle ghosting patterns of aggregate that seem to haunt polished concrete furnishings naturally become the center of attention. This material is being used widely in minimalist tables paired with simple frames made of powder-coated steel or brass.

You want to let your personal style shine through when decorating your Denver home, but it is also fun to keep up with the latest home design trends. There is no need to be forced to choose. Subtle changes can complement your current d├ęcor while giving the look a modern twist.

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