Why Your Home Inspection is a Great Tool

Why Your Home Inspection is a Great Tool

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home inspectionThe home inspection is one of the last major things you will have to do as a buyer.   It is a very important step though if you will be living in this home for the years to come. The inspection process should go beyond what big ticket items are in need of repair so that you can take them off your offering price as you also need to focus on getting to know the home. Before going through your home inspection read these four tips so you are more prepared.

Don’t Hire Uncle Bob

You may think Uncle Bob the contractor is a great person to go through the home, allowing you to save a few bucks while you are at it. This is not always the best plan because he may not know about every aspect of the home as an inspector would. If you trust your uncle and still want his opinion, have him go through with the inspector. In fact, this can be valuable to you in the future when you can’t remember what the inspector said you should do with that window. Your agent can be a great resource for recommending good inspectors in the area.

Come With Questions

One of the best ways to make sure you get the most value out of your inspection is to come prepared with questions for the inspector to answer. You probably had questions about the home when you were touring it or from the disclosures given to you by the sellers. Write these questions down and ask the inspector about them before he begins. This will allow the inspector to answer them while he is going through the area and not have to later go back and answer them.

Walk With the Inspector

Most inspectors allow you to go with them as they do their inspection. This is very beneficial for the buyer because it gives you the opportunity to get to know the home. The inspector will be able to point things out to you and you can continue to ask questions as they arise. It is easier to see things firsthand than to hear about them at the end.

Make it Count

To make sure you are getting the most of your home inspection ask the inspector to help you begin to create a maintenance plan for your home. He will be able to let you know which things need to be replaced or fixed right away; he can also tell you which things you can save up for to be replaced in the future.

Home inspectors, if used right, are a valuable part to the home buying process. They are able to give you a plenty of relevant and useful information about your home so you are prepared. Make sure you use them to get to know your home, and its needs, as well as you can.

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