Make an extra $35K-$50K on your home sale!

Make an extra $35K-$50K on your home sale!

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Make an average of $35,000-$50,000 EXTRA on the sale of your home!

Colorado House Buyers can save you money in a variety of ways.  Learn how TODAY!

Colorado House Buyers can help you make more money on the sale of your home by:

1. By selling your Inherited Property to CHB today, you will save money on property taxes. For every extra day you hold on to the home, you are paying more in property taxes.

2. Settle your inherited estate NOW, and save on additional lawyer fees you will incur over time.

3. By selling your Inherited House to CHB today, you will no longer be paying utility bills and will have more Cash in the estate to share among the heirs.

4. Stop paying additional mortgage payments, HOA fees, home maintenance fees and keep more money in the estate.

5. By selling your house to CHB, you will save up to 6% of the total sale price of your home by paying $0 in real estate agent commissions! A transaction broker will oversee the real estate transaction per the rules and regulations set by the Colorado real estate commission. The seller will NEVER pay the agent fees.

6. You will save up to $500 in Title closing costs. When buying directly from the home seller, CHB always pays all the seller closing costs in the transaction.

7. By selling your house to CHB you will save thousands on Owner Title Insurance Policy. When buying a house directly from the homeowner, CHB always buys their own Owner Title Insurance Policy.

8. You will save hundreds of dollars on Movers. CHB will pay up to $1000 in moving expenses directly to the moving company.

9. Selling your house to CHB today will save you thousands on home repairs. By buying the house in AS IS condition, you will never be asked to fix a leak or a crumbling foundation. A repair big or small is no longer a concern you need to worry about.

10. You can save thousands on Junk Removal. You don’t have to clean out the house from the STUFF you, your tenant, or loved one acquired over time. CHB will purchase the house in AS IS condition with all the items in it you want to leave behind.

11. Colorado House Buyers have the ability to close on a property in a s little as 3 days. Conventional financing requires 30-60 days to gather all required information for different parties involved to be able to close on a property.
We have the ability to buy your house in as little as 3 days, saving you money on house payments, utilities, insurance, and property taxes.

We buy your property in AS-IS condition, you DO NOT pay real estate commissions, closing costs, title insurance, or repairs! This will save you an average of 10% of the sale which is like putting $35,000-$50,000 back into your estate!

Call Colorado House Buyers Today for a FREE APPRAISAL!

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