Bathroom Remodel 101

Posted by Mark Krajewski // September 5, 2016 // Blog / Featured // Bathroom / Bathtub / Design / Interior / Remodel / Renovate / Renovation / Toilet / Vanity

Have you ever thought about transforming your bathroom from the dark smelly water closet that currently exists into a luxurious lair of beauty and serenity?  If you’re looking to achieve utter bathroom bliss, while avoiding a headache and a hole in the wallet, use this guide to help you along your remodeling journey… The first […]

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Inspections & Remodeling

Posted by Mark Krajewski // August 22, 2016 // Blog / Featured // addition / building code / buy / buy denver home / Colorado / Denver / fix / flip / home inspections / home inspector / house / inspections / Remodel / Renovation / sell / sell denver home

Remodeling a home can be extremely rewarding and worth while, but can also be a very stressful process.  Weather you’re remodeling your own home or starting a renovation on a fixer-upper, it is very important to understand existing conditions to know what’s in-store before you commit to a renovation. There are many obstacles you may […]

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Posted by Mark Krajewski // June 8, 2016 // Blog // buy denver home / buy home in denver / buy new denver home / Colorado / Demolition / Denver / denver home / home renovations / Park Hill / Renovation

Take a quick look at the initial demolition phase of the renovation of our project at 2360 Birch St. This beautiful Park Hill home will be completely upgraded and transformed with modern upgrades while maintaining the character and feel of the distinguished Park Hill neighborhood.

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