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This Changes Everything!

Posted by Mark Krajewski // August 17, 2018 // Blog / Distressed properties / estate planning / Featured / inherited properties / Properties For Sale // denver home / denver home value / denver remodeling / for sale by owner / how to choose a realtor / Real Estate Investing / sell denver home fast / sell my house / sell my rental / selling your denver home / which realtor is best for me

Thinking of putting your house on the market, but overwhelmed by the energy and money it will take to get it ready? You NEED to hear about a NEW way of selling your older home! Your 1st call should be to Colorado House Buyers!         But don’t take our word for it, […]

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DISCOVER! 10 Ways Colorado House Buyers Can Put More Money in Your Pocket

Posted by Nikki Castillo // July 18, 2018 // Blog / Featured // Denver Home Isn’t Selling / denver home selling tips / help sell denver home / home selling tips / sell denver home fast / selling your denver home

Need to sell your distressed, rental or inherited property? Colorado House Buyers can help! Here are 5 ways in which we can save you time and money! 1. By selling your house directly to the buyer you, the seller, will make more net in home sale proceeds You will pay $0 in real estate fees, […]

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8 Ways to Signal Your Denver Home Isn’t Ready to Sell

Posted by Mark Krajewski // October 26, 2015 // Blog // home selling ideas / home selling tips / ready to sell / sell denver home / sell denver home fast

ready for sale

You have been thinking about selling and maybe you have a few days off work, so it seems like the perfect time to list your Denver home for sale. While it may be the perfect time, that does not mean you are actually ready to move forward with your plans. Below are AIM HOMES’ warning […]

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