The Road To Investing in 2019

The Road To Investing in 2019

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Where Will the Road To Investing

Take You in 2019?

According to Goldman Sachs, the stock market could be in for big trouble from tariffs. “If the full 25 percent tariffs are levied on all imports from China the earnings impact could be significant, potentially eliminating any profit growth next year,” their report stated.

Now Is The Time To Diversify!

Ever thought of becoming a Real Estate Investor but didn’t know where or how to start?

What if I told you, in as little as two weeks, you could become a Private Money Lender and see consistent returns?

What is a Private Money Lender & How Does it Work?

Private money lenders typically offer loans that are secured by a real estate asset.  These loans are used to purchase a house, condo or multifamily building.  Private money lenders can be anyone from a personal friend to an established private lending company and are therefore called “relationship-based” lenders.

There are three degrees of private money lenders:

  • Primary Circle: Family & Friends
  • Secondary Circle: Colleagues, Professional & Personal Acquaintances
  • Third-Party Circle: Accredited Investors & Hard Money Lenders

While Colorado House Buyers uses Hard Money Lenders for our larger projects, we use a variety of Private Money Lenders for our smaller ones.  In only 5 years, we’ve used private lenders for over 50 houses.  With 30 homes forcasted to be remodeled in 2019, we have plenty of opportunities for you to make a great return on your investment!


Check out these two case studies from homes we’ve recently completed




If you would like to know more about becoming a Private Money Lender for Colorado House Buyers, and ready to see a real return on your investment, contact us today! 720-598-8999





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